Create Checks From Your Mobile device

GADA Secure Pay is the ONLY APP that allows you to quickly create checks from your mobile device, allowing you to send payments to anyone anywhere instantly with only their name.


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Only Payee Can Access Your Money.

No check can be processed by a bank unless the “Payee” name on your check matches a Federal or State I.D. or bank account of the individual presenting it for deposit.

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Synchronizes All Your Devices.

GADA Secure Pay synchronizes across all your devices registered to the same account adding new checks to all account histories, updating balances remaining and allows you to even change your password from one device, locking out all others real time.

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The Checkbook Evolved

Every time you write a check it will automatically be recorded, time stamped and geo-tagged in your check register - helping you always know your balance and keep track of your spending habits.