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What is GADA Secure Pay?

GADA Secure Pay is the only mobile app that allows you to pay anyone anywhere with only their name. After registering your checking account you can create a check image that when sent via email, text or Airdrop can be deposited instantly by your payee using their mobile banking app. The transaction is simple, safe, fast and executed by federally insured banking institutions.

WHY USE GADA Secure Pay?

With GADA Secure Pay you:

  • Eliminate the need to carry a check book or fill out the tedious details needed to fill in the traditional blank check.
  • Eliminate the risk of your checkbook falling into the hands of someone else and them fraudulently creating checks on your behalf.
  • Save paper and mother earth!
  • Eliminate the need to photocopy or scan paper checks for deposit as your check image is already digital.
  • Shorten clearing time and improve float on receipts
  • Eliminate the expense of overnight couriers, postal stamps, envelopes or they gas to drive you to your “hand delivery” that we all hate.
  • Improve processing efficiency of checks in general.,
  • Always have a check when you need one.
  • Can issue a payment up to $1,000,000.00 to anyone with only their name and either an email address, mobile number to text or AirDrop location.
  • Never need to use paper for a check payment if you use GADA to create your check and the recipient uses mobile banking to deposit by either importing our image or taking an onscreen picture of the image on another device.
  • Enjoy enhanced Fraud Prevention Software we have created to protect you and your account. For obvious reasons, this does not exist for your current check book.
How does GADA Secure Pay Work?

"Check 21”, also known as the U.S. Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, gives the reprint of a scanned check legal equivalence to the original check. This law therein allows for the processing of an original digital check image created in place of a paper check, equal in all parts and information and sizing as traditional printed checks, while utilizing better fraud prevention, to also be printed or digitally submitted as the legal equivalent of any original check, printed or otherwise.

What do I need to create an account with GADA Secure Pay and start creating mobile payments?

First, you must have a checking account at your bank. If you have never written a check from your account or question whether you can, you should call your bank to verify it is a checking account. This is essential for you to use GADA Secure Pay. Then, you need to download our app for free at the App Store, and with a paper check in front of you, you will enter essential information to create your check profile and fulfill our verification requirements. From your existing checks you will need only your Bank routing number, your checking account number and the check number you would like to start your sequential digital checkbook from.

With all the other payment forms out there, why write a check using GADA?

GADA Secure Pay is the only free way to pay anyone in the United States with just their name! No need for the other person to register, download an app or give you sensitive bank/credit card information when sending a digital check with GADA. In just seconds the person you pay receives your check via email, text or Airdrop and then can print and deposit it using their mobile banking app. Transaction done. No money stuck in the cloud or at risk being digitally transmited. Oh, and no transaction fees along the way.

How does GADA differ from other new mobile payment platforms that allow person to person payments?

GADA Secure Pay uses patent pending software making it the ONLY app to allow you to create and send payments almost instantly to anywhere via your mobile device with only a name. Unlike the other payment platforms (we won’t mention their names) that may require special devices, account registrations or account information from the person you are trying to pay (and like to charge you a transaction fee along the way), we don’t ever touch your money (the banks do), don’t charge a transaction fee, don’t require any special equipment and most importantly require only the legal name of the person or company you want to pay. That’s it. Quick and easy.

How SMART is GADA Secure Pay?

Very Smart! Depending on your preferences, information and the alerts you create, GADA is a powerful tool in eliminating overdraft fees, managing your expense habits, avoiding low balances and keeping accurate and detailed records of your payment.

Does GADA Secure Pay replace my old fashion paper check book?

YES! Meet your NEW CHECKBOOK - FREE and on your mobile devices, including most phones, tablets and other mobile devices coming!

What should I do with my existing check book?

Do NOT throw it away as this checkbook is still full of negotiable instruments related to your bank checking account. We suggest once you are comfortable with the ease and reliability of GADA and have used the information needed from your checks including your bank routing number, checking account number and starting check number, that you destroy all remaining paper checks and keep only the check register for your records. To destroy any sensitive printed documents we recommend you shred them or soak them in a bucket of water for an extended period of time so that when you remove the documents they fall apart literally in your hand and no longer reveal your information.

Do I need to tell my bank I am using GADA Secure Pay?

We recommend you tell your bank you are switching to GADA Secure Pay and will be writing checks this way. This will let them know to anticipate your check images printed on regular 8.5x11 paper to be coming in and also give them notice to call you upon receipt, confirming that you issued any check. They will quickly get used to the ease and better security of this system as you will too. It’s the future.

Does the GADA Secure Pay App cost anything to download or are there transaction fees to send checks?

No, GADA Secure Pay is free to download and all your check writing is free. Review your mobile plan to see what data charges may apply when sending text messages.

Is GADA Secure Pay as safe as using my current check book to issue checks?

We believe GADA Secure Pay is much safer than the traditional check book as there is nothing physical to lose or misplace, every payment requires a PIN, an account can only exist once within our system and we have many fraud prevention verifications that happen every time you register or make a payment - all of which are secret to us so that they remain effective.

How does GADA Secure Pay keep track of my balance and check writing activity?

GADA keeps track of all your payment activity including even the time stamp and GPS location of when a check is created. In short, we bet our system does a better job of balancing your checkbook than you do. We have included many alerts and options that allow you to customize and track your spending just the way you like. And our beautiful graphs will visually help you manage your spending habits like never before.

Can I categorize, schedule or create memo’s for my checks in GADA?

Yes you can. 
To categorize a check, we give you seven default categories including your favorites like Auto, Health, Personal and more. We also give you several custom categories to create and an Unidentified category for the times you are undecided or not interested in categorizing a check.
To schedule a payment, simply create the payment and before sending it you are given the option to set the another date for the payment and even schedule an existing payment to repeat over intervals you desire.
To put a Memo on a check you simply create the payment and before sending will see a Memo button that allows you to put a message on your check up to 50 characters.

Receiving a check from GADA secure pay:

What is a check from GADA Secure Pay?

A check received through GADA Secure Pay has the legal equivalence of any paper check. It is what banks refer to as a “check substitute” or “scanned check Image.”

How do I deposit a GADA check?

A check received through GADA should be printed, both front and back, endorsed by the legal payee, and then photographed using a mobile banking app for deposit in the payee’s bank account.

Can I deposit a GADA check electronically using a mobile bank app from my institution?

Yes you can. Simply print the two page PDF containing the front and back of your check and take a picture of them as you would any traditional check. OR, you can simply take a picture of your check image on another device and save the world one sheet of paper at a time.

How long is a GADA check good for?

GADA checks are good the same amount of time as traditional paper checks. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, banks in the United States are not legally obligated to pay checks older than six months.



Sending a check from GADA secure pay:

Do I need to have a checking account to use this?

YES! It is essential that you have a checking account to use GADA secure pay as a regular saving account is not set up to issue payments this way. If you have never written a check from your account chances are it is NOT a checking account. Good news is that your bank will be happy to assist you in creating one so you too can enjoy all the benefits of GADA Secure Pay and a new generation of mobile payments.

Do I have to use a special bank?

No. Almost all banks feature checking accounts and can help you create one.

Can I pay my bills with this?

Yes, but.... As we are working with many bill pay groups to adopt this new system, there are those who want to receive their checks in a post office box still. Feel free to call them and encourage them to set up an email address to process payments this way - suggest “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.” and tell them you will gladly put your account information in the memo section. It’s free for you and free for them. Oh, and it’s instant so you never have to be late again if you set up a Scheduled Check in our smart system that reminds you to pay - wherever you are. We recommend a great adventure somewhere you have dreamed.

Can I buy online at sites like eBay or Craigslist and pay people with GADA secure pay?

Absolutely. Email the seller and tell them you will email your payment using GADA. They need only print the check image you send and deposit it to have the confidence to send you the goods requested. It’s that simple. And the fact that you deliver it instantly means you are that much quicker in receiving your items with NO TRANSACTION FEES for you or them.

What are my options of sending a GADA check to someone?

There are several options for you to send a GADA secure payment. E-mail, text messaging, AirDrop to someone next to you or print it locally and hand it to the person you wish to pay. Alot of options? Yes. Just the way you like it!

Is there any limit to the amount I can write a GADA check for?

GADA checks being processed by mobile banking apps are limited by the amount in your account and the payee’s bank limits on mobile deposits. Most institutions except mobile deposits in amounts up to $3,000.

Is it illegal to write a bad or fictitious GADA check?

YES! It is illegal to issue a bad check utilizing false account information or issue a payment in an amount that knowingly exceeds your account balance that will be used to satisfy the payment when presented by the payee. Writing a bad check is often a Federal offense and should be avoided at all costs. Remember, checks require two banks to exchange funds on your behalf and they are quick to identify fraud, risk or illegal money laundering done through any method including this.

Are merchants accepting GADA secure pay?

Yes, but.... this requires a merchant who is already accepting checks from you. Know that right now we are working on a merchant system that will be widely adopted and allow you to GADA - Go Anywhere, Do Anything using this same app. Patience is a virtue. But we will be sure to update you and your app as soon as this is available.

Do I need to have my money in a specific bank to use this?

No, you only need a checking account at an FDIC banking institution to issue check payments using GADA Secure Pay. Wherever you currently issue your checks from will have a routing and account number that you can use in our simple registration.


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