GADA Secure Pay is the ONLY APP that allows you to quickly create checks from your mobile device, allowing you to send payments to anyone anywhere instantly with only their email, text phone number or by Airdrop. The person you pay can print your check and take a picture of it for mobile banking and deposit like any other traditional check. All for free and the entire process takes just seconds using email, text messaging or AirDrop to send your check.

NO ACCOUNT NEEDED BY RECIPIENT: Unlike any other mobile payment systems, GADA requires only a valid checking account to register and simply the legal name of who you want to pay. The recipient doesn’t need to create an account, have a credit card or give sensitive bank account information to anyone.

QUICK & EASY TO PAY: To create a check is as easy as 1-2-3 after a simple registration. Every check you write will only require the name of your payee, the amount you want to pay and how you want to send it - and your done! Our smart software remembers your payee names for next time by typing in just the first letter, keeps track of check numbers, dates and all other details including your signature authorized by PIN.

SECURE FRAUD PREVENTION: Advanced RSA Encryption and Fraud prevention is embedded into GADA Secure Pay to prevent people from setting up false accounts or issuing bad checks - protecting both you and those receiving checks through GADA.

NO TRANSACTION FEES: We don’t charge any transaction fees for personal checks and your money is secure since the transfer of funds goes from one FDIC bank to another based on your instructions. We don’t touch or ever hold your money!

ONLY PAYEE CAN ACCESS YOUR MONEY: No check can be processed by a bank unless the “Payee” name on your check matches a Federal or State I.D. or bank account of the individual presenting it for deposit.

THE CHECKBOOK EVOLVED: Every time you write a check it will automatically be recorded, time stamped and geo-tagged in your check register - helping you always know your balance and keep track of your spending habits. When issuing a payment you always have the opportunity to put it into one of our seven expense categories, or your own custom categories. You can also add 50 characters of “memo” on any check referencing an account, invoice or whatever you like.

SYNCHRONIZES ALL YOUR DEVICES: GADA Secure Pay synchronizes across all your devices registered to the same account adding new checks to all account histories, updating balances remaining and allows you to even change your password from one device, locking out all others real time.

YOU SAVE MONEY: You save money by avoiding late fees and banking fees when setting up scheduled checks and our app alerts to avoid low account balances, avoid insufficient fund penalties and more. You also never have to order another check book, buy envelopes or use postage.

GROUP CHECKS AND SCHEDULED PAYMENTS: Create group pays and even payroll alerts so that you can approve a series of checks as scheduled or all at one time.

TRACK SPENDING HABITS: Review your expense habits with our intuitive graphics showing your expense categories, spending ratios and percentages.

No more checkbooks to carry around or discovering you don’t have one. No more hand delivering or mailing checks hoping to avoid a late fee. Now you can make payments instantly to anyone, no matter where they are.

Download it now and make your life easy!